An Opening Ceremony was Held for Construction of the Largest Underground Lead and Zinc Mine Project in Jiangxi Province - China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd.


An Opening Ceremony was Held for Construction of the Largest Underground Lead and Zinc Mine Project in Jiangxi Province

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On the morning of June 28, a grand opening ceremony was held for construction of an EPC project of China Nerin, the Pb-Zn-Ag Mine Project in Yinzhushan Mineralization of Lengshuikeng Orefield, Guixi City, Jiangxi Province. Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of the Board LONG Ziping and Vice President HUANG Mingjin and ZHOU Shaobing of Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Member of Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor ZHANG Zijian of Yingtan City, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President WU Runhua and Vice President FANG Tiansan of China Nerin, Deputy Director General of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau YU Zhongzhen of Geology and Mineral Resources, Mayor ZHOU Guchang of Guixi City attended the opening ceremony and President WU Runhua gave a warm speech, pointing out with the opening ceremony the engineering design stage of the project was completed and the construction stage commenced. China Nerin will bring out the technological advantages and management experience, introduce overseas advanced project management concepts, and take the initiative to apply the BIM technology to the whole process, aiming to build Yinzhushan Pb-Zn-Ag Mine Project the first digital intelligent mine with the 3D collaborative construction method and a leading demonstration project or technology improvement and project management upgrading in the mining industry.

Yinzhushan Pb-Zn-Ag Mine Project is the first project of the "three-year innovation and multiplication" plan of Jiangxi Copper Corporation and also the key measure of the provincial party committee and government to make the lead-zinc industry bigger and stronger in the “year of doing projects with all the endeavors”. The designed mining and mineral processing capacity of the project is 1,000 kt/a, which makes it the largest Pb-Zn-Ag mining enterprise in Jiangxi province after completion.

Vice Chief Engineer of the Project WEI Zhongchao, Assistant President and Mine Business Unit General Manager SHEN Louyan, Project Management Department Director LIU Yuchou, Procurement Department Director LIU Tong, Project Manager XU Zhenhua, and project team members of China Nerin attended the ceremony.